Sanya Is My Fairy FashionMother

For those of you who know Sanya Bilavio its not secret that she is one of the best dressers in SL and not so coincidental an amazing designer! She has saved me many a time in the past from major fashion blunders and it seems yet again she has created something that makes sblair beautiful!

What could it be? Shoes? Not this time, but she does have some amazing new ones out! This time its HAIR! She has now attacked something I find the kiss of death for most designers and she is killing it in the best way! This new release is an amazing bun that is swooped in the back for a very relaxed and cute look!

So for the hair junkies that need something new make your way down to Vive9 and grab a demo of this and the other creations she has made!!!


Hair- .: vive9 :. Magda in University
Skin-The Body Co. / Sage (T00) Dark Brow
Makeup- The Body Co. Cosmetics / Sage (T00) Bombshell – Flirt
Shirt- [SC] Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Black
Cardigan- -tb- Inspired Shark Cardigan (Black) 1
Jeans- [SC] Surf Couture – Belmar Skinny Jeans – Dark Blue
Shoes- .: vive9 :. RITA Boot (Left) w/socks in Cherry
Bracelet- [SC] Surf Couture – Beach Pass Bracelet (F) – Red


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Gee Whilikers! I AM BACK!

My darling’s I log in today and could’nt be happier to be here! My “Short” break from blogging went much longer then I anticipated, but fear not I am back and just in time to bring to you a new skin and store! THE BODY CO !

The Body Co is a store that is brought to us by Emma Gilmour and London Armidi, the shop offers skins, cosmetics, and bath & body themed accessories, also featured a real line of organic and vegan bath and body products called Pemberley Handmade which can be purchased in real life. How exciting is that! Real products made by Emma brought into sl.

I ventured down to the opening and was stunned by the shop, its design truly makes you feel like you are walking around a high-er end skin shop ( C.o Biglow ) if you will. From the cute setup of cream jars to the exquisite set up for the skins are all that adds charm to this darling store!

Ok, enough of the store build and more of the skins! I was excited to see what was offered so I purchased the skin bundle for Sage (T00), and what you get is kinda crazy for the price! You get… : a skin + 3 cleavage options + 5 brows + shape + 4 makeups! That alone is wild with all the different options you can create, but for those who crave more you get purchase more lip-glazes and makeups. You can honestly create a one of a kind avatar skin. I fell in love with the makesup becuase and get ready for this : four different intesitys of the type! Yes you have : Day, Flirt, Nigh & Party. Each getting more intense, Below I am showcasing Starlet- Day its a very light brushing of gold across the lids giving Sblair a classic look but keeping it youthful and fun! So if you love skins, makeups and being creative… THEN RUN DOWN TO THE BODY SHOP!



Skin- The Body Co. / Sage (T00) Dark Brow
Makeup- The Body Co. Cosmetics / Sage (T00) Starlet – Day
Necklace- (Yummy) Travelers Charms
Shirt- -tb- Neato Sweatshirt (yellow)
Hair-  !lamb – Egomaniacal – Snickers

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Going Somewhere…

My darlings, I have been so busy with life at the moment I havent been able to blog and that isnt fair to you darlings. So for now New Noir is on Hiatus for the month, it may be sooner! I love you all and cannot wait to bring you more goodies!

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Mon Buck!

I decided to play around with some things in Photoshop and in my opinion I did rather well! More importantly I did a little shopping ( Please dont beat me Mae) and I purchased this AMAZING top from Whippet & Buck and a pleated skirt and heeled boots from Mon Tissu!  I cannot put into words how much I adore both these stores, both cater to the slgal looking for a little bit of cute & girly but also refined and on pulse with fashion! If you adore the shirt RUN down and pick it up while it is still available for Stumblebum and if you have been living in a cave and haven’t visited Mon Tissu I would go there NOW.


Hair- !lamb. Lovage – Snickers
Skin- -tb- {Pale} Jejune Romance- Dark Thick Brows
Shirt- [W&B] Penelope Hook & Eye Blouse BUTTER
Skirt- {mon tissu} Pretty Pleats Skirt ~ Blue
Boots- {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots
Earrings- [W&B] JF2010 Fabric Covered Earrings SPOTTY
Ring- P.C; Water Over Wine Ring


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In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

What do I say about meow’s Lion Dress? Rawr is what I say. Here I was expecting some short, cute dress imprinted with lion fur when I opened meow. Rewards’ Lion Dress box. No, no, no! What I found was possibly the most adorable little lion costume ever! I don’t want to take it off! Does that make me a furry or a neko? I don’t know. But it’s adorable. And methinks this Lion Dress is a meow. Reward item.  Which is awesome, except for the fact that you’re probably asking me right now what a meow. Reward item is and why you should join the rewards program in the first place. Well, let me explain that by totally copy and pasting an official meow. Rewards notecard into this post. I mean, the title of this notecard is ‘A guide to meow. rewards’. Like really.

1. Pick up your meow rewards token hud at meow.�

2. Check out the sim, walk around, take in the sights. Buy items marked with the meow cat icon all marked down to 75l.

3. What are you looking for? You may notice the icons carry a different color. You must collect 5 colors of coins (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange) received from purchases at meow. Coins are TRANSFERABLE so trade with your friends to complete the HUD!

4. Wear your HUD

5. Rez your coins in a scripted area, click on the coins. Which will fill the slot in your HUD.

6. Visit our kiosk, LM provided with HUD.

7. After kiosk loads, select the reward you want by clicking on it.

8. Continue to collect coins in your inventory to receive future updates and more item sets.

Warnings: Don’t rez the coins in a non-script area, Don’t wear multiple HUDs. Doing so will automatically reset the slots to empty. I.E. you lose your coins this way!

Stay updated:

Here’s to hoping that helped you as much as it did me, and if it didn’t, please contact Eln Alter with all your meow. Rewards questions. Fun fact: Eln Alter is also the creator of that cute lion outfit I wrote about earlier. The one that makes me think ‘rawr’ right off the bat. It’s adorable, no? Eln really did a good job. I also forgot to mention that meow. also has two adorable music boxes, both really cute and well textured. Not sure if they’re rewards as well or not, but they really are effing adorable. But as for the other items I’m wearing (always must include a style-breakdown yo):

Skin: JM:Mai – skin_gemma Tan freckle

Everything else (including hair): meow. – Lion Dress (for girls)


Some SLURLS to help out on your meow. Rewards inquiries/journey: (.meow kiosk)

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Not Much of a Hunter?

Well that sucks, cause if the holidays mean anything to SL, they mean effing awesome hunts. Almost every creator on the grid gets in the holiday spirit and put out an adorable hunt item for you to nab, if you’re lucky. One of these many hunts is The Happy Holidays From…Hunt. This hunt features items from PIDIDDLE, BOOM, {what next}, aDORKable, and so so much more. Not just ‘oh I didn’t know this brand existed’ items…items from brands and stores included in Fifty Linden Fridays, Stumblebum, and Themeory. The hunt begins today (December 10th) and lasts through December 31st. Now, while the each hunt item is 10L, it’s worth it. The designs are cute, Christmasy, and wonderful.

More information on the hunt as stated in an official hunt notecard:

The Happy Holiday Hunt From … Hunt starts December 10th and ends December 31st. Every hunt item will cost 10L, but rest assured the designers have created wonderful, high quality things!

“The theme is thanking our loyal customers for supporting us throughout 2010. Many of us are very fond of our customers, and would like to focus on the expression of that rather than of a strictly holiday based theme. If you have never been to a store before, take a look around. No store is included by accident, so if the hunt includes them they are pretty special and you might find something you love.This hunt will include items for both male and female avatars as well as unisex items. A list of SLURLs to each store will be provided at”

Now as always, I couldn’t blog all the wonderful brands on this hunt. Wish I could, but then this post would be a mile long. No one wants to read an essay when looking at SL fashion, so I will give some honorary mentions to some amazing products I found and didn’t have room to blog. aDORKable is one, which upsets me, but I’ll have to deal with. aDORKable put out some adorable Christmas poses complete with some festive wreaths for optimum cuteness. Totally worth the 10L if you ask me. My fellow blogger, Sblair, also has an adorable leggings set out, along with a spirited headband, from her company Sblur. It’s also definitely worth it and uber cute to boot. Two others were an *!t skin called Charlotte that was adorable and a bright, lovely house by Flair. Both were wonderful and both deserve mentioning, even if I didn’t actually feature them in photographs.

Speaking of what I did feature in photographs….

Outfit #1:

Skin: .ILLUSORY – Paige_Skin_Warmth (Winter)

Hair: – Yelena.2 (Jaded Blonde)

Pajamas: PIDIDDLE – Santa Baby PJ Set ~ Hunt Item


Outfit #2:

Skin: .ILLUSORY – Paige_Skin_Warmth (Winter)

Hair: – Yelena.2 (Jaded Blonde)

Top: [W&B] – Cole Boatneck Top (Ivory)

Skirt, Boots, & Hat: *BOOM* – Happy Holidays Hunt ~ Hunt Item


Outfit #3:

Skin: .ILLUSORY – Paige_Skin_Warmth (Winter)

Hair: – Yelena.2 (Jaded Blonde)

Sweater: Willow – Happy Holidays Sweater ~ Hunt Item

Pants: NINIKO – Lowrise jeanes03

Socks: *Edelweiss* – Sailor Socks 01

Shoes: – Basic.Flats (Red)


Other Hunt Items Featured in this Post:

Indoor Winter by Atooly

Balmoral Loveseat by {what next}

Di’s Opera poses

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LookBook Sl.

Season’s Greetings! I am overjoyed to be writing this blogpost becuase I really am excited to start something new on this blog! With some help from two friends, I was given the challange to make my version of an outfit posted on lookbook in sl. I loved it so much, I have decided that every week I will blog my version of a Look Book outfit! Hope you love as much as I do!

My Creation-



Hair- Clawtooth: Roaring 20’s (Long) – Girl Next Door
Skin- -tb- {Pale} Jejune Romance- Dark Thick Brows
Blouse- Willow~ black bow blouse top
Skirt- .: Vive9 :. London Frill Skirt – Basic Black
Knee Socks- Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * White

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